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B.A. Honours (Humanities & Social Sciences)


16 Hands-on-Projects of B.A. Honours (Humanities & Social Sciences) in Progress

The students of B.A. Honours (Humanities & Social Sciences) are engaged in executing 16 semester-long group projects in the current academic year (2014). The students of each group are required to have internal and external mentors. The projects take the students out of the classroom for field visits and surveys, define and understand problems through social interaction and engage with problem solving and locating innovative ways of resolving social issues. Some of them are linked with some established institutions and organizations such as Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, Gandhi Smriti, Delhi Police, Delhi Jal Board, Sahitya Akademi, NTPC and others.

These hands-on projects enable the students to connect academic pursuits with life experience. The projects have a social outreach programme and are designed to aim at making social interventions. This significant component of the course work of B.A. Honours (Humanities & Social Sciences) sensitizes the youth to different challenges faced by the nation and encourages them to participate effectively in the welfare of society, in addition to educating them about responsible citizenship.


Redressal of Grievances of Hearing-Impaired Women by the Police
To address the Police redressal of grievances regarding domestic violence and sexual harassment of hearing-impaired women. Also training the police personnel in sign language for sensitive handling of the vulnerable sector.

Children in Conflict with Law: An Intervention
To realize the sensitivity of children in conflict with law with development of customized counselling modules targeting at prevention of relapse and a better quality of life.

Problems and Prospects of Apple Marketing in Azadpur Mandi : Looking for Resolutions
To establish an effective network channel amongst stakeholders at different levels thereby minimizing price and wastage of apples; also facilitating both the ends of the
continuum, the grower as well as the consumer.
The Problem of Sanitation and Hygiene in Azadpur Vegetable Mandi: Looking for Resolutions
To help improve the hygiene and sanitation issues at Azadpur Mandi thereby creating a healthy atmosphere for those working and the visitors from outside.

Indic Language App: An Interactive Language App of Indian Languages
To popularize the lesser known languages through interactive language application. Further, also to create an electronic database.

Towards Creating an Atlas of South Asian Languages
To create an updated language atlas of South Asia, reflecting thematic representation of languages on maps. This will help conserve these languages.

Water Crisis at Kusumpur Pahari: Looking for Resolutions
To address and seek solutions for the acute water crisis at the Kusumpur Pahari slum.

Kusumpur Pahari: Evolving Gender Sensitization through Theatre Modules/ Street Theatre
To sensitize the people living in Kusumpur Pahari to prevailing gender issues through effective street theatre.

Developing an Index to Comparative Corporate Governance and Business Ethics in Share Pricing Behavior
To explore the interaction between corporate governance and earning influencing the determination of market pricing thereby encouraging the corporates to adhere closely to the strong policies of corporate governance and hence reinforce ethics.

Corporate Social Agenda as a Growth Strategy, its Special Emphasis on Sustainability, Foundations and CSR.
To reinforce policy formation including corporate social responsibility in companies. Also focus on sustainability and appropriate disposal of resources.

Mapping 1857: Making a Film as a Journey through the Kamla Nehru Ridge
To explore and present to the people of Delhi, the stories witnessed by these monuments and reclaiming the space for heroic tales of sacrifice and bravery of our freedom fighters in the public consciousness.

Ways of Seeing: Creating a Script on the Visually Challenged DU Girls living in Burari Hostel
To spread awareness and sensitization on the issues and difficulties faced by visually-impaired women in their journey to the hostel and the colleges by showcasing such experiences and sites for intervention through the creation of a film script.

Narrating Tribal Life Stories
To attempt to build an archive of the 'unheard' and 'soon to disappear' real stories that deal with the vivid experiences of adivasis. This will lend dignity to the adivasi people
and their cultures.
Nowhere People: Migration Stories of Delhi
To build a repository of the stories of migrants - 'people on the move' - in Delhi. Also to capture their moments of loss and gain and narrate their anxieties related to displacement and migrancy. This will lead to mental security and confidence.

The Northern Ridge and its Heritage: Illustrated History - Creating a Catalogue
To develop a catalogue on the monuments of the Northern Ridge, thereby facilitating a historical awareness amongst students and also attempting to preserve this vital heritage.

Story of the Ashokan Pillar on the Ridge: An Interactive Application
To unwrap and popularize the interesting history behind the Ashokan Pillar through the creation of a flash application. This will sensitize people to the historical relevance of the monument.

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