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Innovation and Infrastructure Hubs


Engineering Kitchen

The curriculum initiates an innovative mindset in the students through immediate and direct application of theoretical concepts in practical projects .Engineering Kitchen is a unique facility that provides the space and fabrication equipments for students to convert their design ideas to prototype ,to design experimental modules, and to build educational modules. It breaks the barrier between theory and practice by creating a vibrant atmosphere where learning happens through hands-on projects. High precision physics equipments in the Engineering Kitchen help students to identify real life problems and model them accurately and with utmost precision.

EK at CIC is equipped with highly advanced and selectively available electronic equipments which has led to successful completion of numerous projects by the students of Cluster Innovation Center.
Computer Science Lab

Equipped with Apple iMACs, DELL All in One with both Linux and Windows Operating Systems with servers that enable intranet facility and website hosting. Computer Science Lab holds the responsibility to run and manage various official websites and blogs for the Cluster Innovation Centre.

IT Innovation Lab

High Performance Computing Systems in the innovations Lab supports various Big Data projects .Such Powerful Machines are utilized for data analysis and visualization, robust software development, perform real –life simulations ,graphics design and 3D visualization.


Our books are housed in a well lit, cozy library. In addition, our students may access other Libaries like Central Science Library, Faculty of Science, Central Referrence Library, Faculty of Arts and South Campus Library.

The Delhi University Library system allows access to Online Journals and Research Papers on Delhi University network.