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Project - Information Technology (IT)

ID/Number Name/Title Supervisor/Mentor/Teacher
2019/IT/0031BridgeDB Major ReleaseMr. Egon Willighagan
2019/IT/0030Pathology LAB Management SystemDr. Tarif Hussain
2019/IT/0029Detection of Pneumonia using MLProf. Shobha Bagai
2019/IT/0028Doc2tagMr. Marcel Merkx
2019/IT/0027Block Chain Based Insurance Claim ProcessingMr. Rajesh Jawane
2019/IT/0026GAHRA PORTALMr. Manish Yadav
2019/IT/0025High Performance Computing: Making PC’s ClusterDr. Sanjeev Singh
2019/IT/0024Augmented Reality in MedicinesDr. T K Srikanth
2019/IT/0023Android and Web Application for Speech to Text ConversionMr. Anurag Kumar
2019/IT/0022Visualizing Science with Augmented RealityProf. Shobha Bagai
2019/IT/0021Attention Based Image CaptioningDr. S. P. Mishra
2019/IT/0020IMDB Movie Review Sentiment AnalysisProf. Shobha Bagai
2019/IT/0019Design and Development of Cognitive Agent for Spatial NavigationDr. S. P. Mishra
2019/IT/0018Web Scrapping and Textual Data AnalysisMr. Vikas Singh
2019/IT/0017Voice Over Accessibility to Rocket Chat iOS ApplicationMr. Samar
2019/IT/0016Study of Damage Assessment Using SimulationMr. Rajiv Gupta
2019/IT/0015News Article AnalysisMr. Sachin
2015-2018/IT/0014Self Driving CarMs. Shobha Rai
2015-2018/IT/0013Celebrity Identification and Recognition of Celebrities in VideosProf. Shobha Bagai
2015-2018/IT/0012Develop Quantifying Understanding of Diamond TableProf. Shobha Bagai
2015-2018/IT/0011Digitisation And Analysis of ECG Paper RecordsProf. Shobha Bagai
2015-2018/IT/0010Image Compression and its implementation in real lifeProf. Shobha Bagai
2015-2018/IT/0009Library Management SystemMr. Anjani
2015-2018/IT/0008Online Help Desk SystemMr. Anjani
2015-2018/IT/0007PMS: Project HouseMr. Anjani
2015-2018/IT/0007PMS: Project HouseMr. Anjini
2015-2018/IT/0006Making Humans Emotionally Intelligent by Classifying EmotionsMr. Sachin
2015-2018/IT/0005Clinical Time Series Analysis using Deep Learning.Mr. Sachin
2015-2018/IT/0004MOOCs Rating PlatformMr. Sachin
2015-2018/IT/0003Drossy State Detection for DriversMr. Sachin
2015-2018/IT/0002DU-Info AppMr. Sachin
2015-2018/IT/0001Social CareMr. Sachin