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Project - Energy

ID/Number Name/Title Supervisor/Mentor/Teacher
AEL-07Maintenance of Solar Panels to increase efficiencyDr. Swati Arora
AEL-06Prediction of Solar Energy Generation using Weather DataDr. Swati Arora
AEL-05Solar Powered Automated Irrigation and Nutrient Detector and Dispenser KitDr. Swati Arora,Dr. Harendra Pal Singh
AEL-04Study of solar powered Peltier cooler and its applicationsDr. Swati Arora,Dr. Harendra Pal Singh
AEL-03Solar Trash Can: Hygienic and Inexpensive Solution to Open Bigger Trash CansDr. Swati Arora
AEL-02Prototyping Solar Powered HelmetDr. Swati Arora
AEL-01Effect of absorber plate on PVT module efficiencyDr. Swati Arora,Dr. Harendra Pal Singh