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Governance Structure of CIC


Cluster Innovation Center (CIC) is established as per Ordinance XX (K) of the Ordinances of the University. As per DU Executive Council meeting dated 17 August 2014 approval following are the details of structure of governance at CIC:

There shall be a Cluster Innovation Centre (CIC) in the University of Delhi with the following objectives to:

1.     Foster an environment of innovation.

2.     Create degree and short term programmes that reflect and use innovation.

3.     Educate and sensitize students and teachers by launching projects related to innovation in the real world for under-graduate students and college teachers.

4.     Enhance potential of faculty and students by conducting training/orientation programmes/modules on innovation and research.

5.     Incubate ideas that are highly innovative and relate to society in a practical way.

6.     Facilitate collaborations and partnerships with industry, academia and other segments of society.

7.     Encourage a culture of entrepreneurship for the University as an entity.

8.     Generation of ideas and materials for the improvement of science education and promotion of wider interest in science and scientific issues.

9.     Serve as an inter-disciplinary centre for humanities, social sciences pure and applied sciences.

Advisory Body

The Advisory Body will be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor for a period of 3 years. In addition to the above, the Advisory Body will have the Vice- Chancellor, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, the Dean of Colleges, the Director, University of Delhi South Campus, Treasurer, and the Director, Cluster Innovation Center as ex-officio members. There will be five more members from within the University system to be nominated by the Vice- Chancellor.
The function of the Advisory Body will be to give suggestions for the meaningful accomplishment of the objectives of the Center and to engage with the progress of the ongoing programmes from time to time. The advisory body shall be chaired by the Vice Chancellor.

Governing Body

Subject to the general control and supervision of the Executive Council, and in accordance with the Statutes and Ordinance of the University, the Innovation Center shall have Governing Body. The term of the Governing Body will be one year. The composition of the Governing Body shall be as follows:

1.     Chairperson (Vice-Chancellor or his nominee)

2.     Pro-Vice Chancellor

3.     Dean of Colleges

4.     Chairperson (Research Council)

5.     Director, University of Delhi South Campus

6.     Treasurer

7.     Three members to be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor

8.     Finance Officer or his nomine

9.     Director-Member Secretary

10. Joint Director


The Academic Staff

Director and Joint Director

1.     There shall be a Director and a Joint Director at the Center. The Director shall be the Head of the Center and the Joint Director will assist the Director in carrying out all the academic and administrative works at the Center in accordance the rules and regulations laid by the Governing Body.

2.     The Governing Body shall appoint the Director and the Joint Director from among the Professors of the University. The term of Director and Joint Director shall be five years. The Governing Body may extend the term of Director and Joint Director. The appointment of Director and Joint Director shall be reported to the Executive Council of the University.

3.     The Director will be the ex-officio member of the Advisory Body.

4.     The Director and Joint Director will be the ex-officio members of the Governing Body.

5.     In the absence of Director, the Joint Director shall act as Director.