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Meta College - Concept

B.A. Honours (Humanities & Social Sciences)

The University of Delhi has seventy constituent colleges offering a wide range of courses in several streams and disciplines. B.A. Honours (Humanities & Social Sciences) seeks to enable students to draw upon the resources, talent and expertise available in different colleges. Instead of prescribing a fixed set of courses, this course presents an opportunity to the student to design his/her own degree. The student will be admitted to the Cluster Innovation Centre and will be required to take some basic courses in semesters one and sixth at the Cluster Innovation Centre to gain competence in core areas such as "Art of Communication", "Innovation Management", "Cultural Diversity in India" and "Legal Literacy". In semesters two to five, students can choose courses from the large variety available in various colleges, under the guidance of a mentor at CIC. Students will be given the freedom to choose courses to specialize in a particular stream such as "Journalism", "Historical Tourism", "Counselling" and "Art and Design". This would equip them to choose appropriate professions for themselves.

One of the distinctive aspects of the proposed programme is its emphasis on hands-on projects, virtual learning, internships and group based activities, rather than relying exclusively on class room learning. Inter and trans-disciplinarity will be encouraged for a holistic understanding of Humanities and Social Sciences.

This course allows:

  • Flexibility of learning system for students
  • Hands-on practice
  • Dedicated guidance to students
  • Compulsory Project work
  • Hands-on demonstration of an innovative idea
  • To evolve solutions for real-life problems in urban as well as in rural/semi-rural zones